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Source of common sustainable development in the cross-border cooperation area






Operational Programme: Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013


Reference Number: 2(3i) – 3.1-1

Priority Axis: 3

Key area of intervention: 1

MIS-ETC Code: 146


Project Objectives

Creating a support for the sustainable development of cross–border area Giurgiu-Ruse and increasing the comparative benefits and reducing the disadvantages by promotion of the obtaining and using of biofuels; promotion of the innovation and technology transfer by strengthening the relations between research and SME; stimulating interregional cooperation in order to obtain biofuels to increase social stability and economic development in the region.



Management Team

Alina BUTU Ph. D                     – Project manager

Marian BUTU Ph. D                  – Project executive director

Valentin VLADUT Ph. D           – Scientific Manager

Prof. Atanas ATANASOV                    – New technologies coordinator

Mrs Eleonora IVANOVA            - Coordinator of the relationship with business                                                              entities and local public authorities 


Lеad Partner

National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences

Address:  296 Splaiul Independentei, sector 6, zip 060031 C.P. 17-16, Bucharest - Romania
Telephone: +4 021-220.77.80

Fax: +4 021-220.76.95





·         P2 – National institute of research – development for machines and installations designed to agriculture and food industry - INMA

     Telephone: +40 021 2693250 /60, Fax: +40 021 2693273

·         P3 - University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev "

Telephone: +359 885 497 4 06, Fax: +359 82 845 708

·         P4 – Bulgarian-Romania Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BRCCI)
Telephone: +359 82 507 606, Fax: +359 886 897 744

·         P5 – Local Council Roata de Jos - LCRJ
Telephone: +4 0246 266103, Fax: +4 0246 266115



ADM and Vland enter joint development agreement for enzyme research

In Illinois, Archer Daniels Midland Company and China-based Qingdao Vland Biotech Group Co., Ltd. signed a joint development agreement for the development and commercialization of enzymes for animal feed applications. In addition to ADM's research center in Decatur, Illinois, ADM will open a new U.S. enzyme research and development lab in California that will directly [...]

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Chinese researchers demonstrate efficient jatropha biofuel production using nanotube catalyst

In China, recent research published in a report in Nano showed biofuels were obtained from jatropha oil using carbon nanotube (CNT) catalyst, which showed efficient cracking activity. The performance was activated by the high stability, metal sites, acid sites, electroconductivity, and coking tolerance of CNT. Two cracking circulations were found in the hydroprocessing. The sulphur-free [...]

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Study provides agronomic data for five cellulosic feedstocks

In Illinois, until now, producers have had to rely on incomplete information and unrealistic, small-scale studies in guiding their decisions about which feedstocks to grow, and where. A new multi-institution report provides practical agronomic data for five cellulosic feedstocks, which could improve adoption and increase production across the country. The project, backed by the U.S. [...]

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PNNL makes strides with ADM producing propylene glycol

In Washington state, PNNL, working with the National Corn Growers Association, was exploring ways that sorbitol, a corn-derived sugar alcohol typically used as a sugar substitute, could be used to create propylene glycol (PG). Funded by DOE's Bioenergy Technology Office, the-funded project succeeded. The team discovered a catalyst that efficiently made PG not only from [...]

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USDA awards $3 million grant for biomass-based chemicals

In Georgia, Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc. announced the award of a $3 million grant from the USDA to support the commercialization of patented and patent-pending lignin conversion and refining technologies owned by Meridian's subsidiary, Attis Innovations, Inc. Attis Innovations is the combination of recent transactions with American Science and Technology Corp. and Advanced Lignin Biocomposites [...]

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NASA and DLR conducting flight tests on alternative fuel emissions

In Germany, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are set to conduct joint research flights in Germany for the first time. The focus will be on alternative fuel emissions and the characterization of ice crystals in condensation trails, using biofuel as an example. The first joint DLR/NASA [...]

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N.C. Bioenergy Research Initiative awards $1 million to research grants

In North Carolina, N.C. Bioenergy Research Initiative recently awarded $1 million in grants for 11 research projects to boost bioenergy opportunities and production in the state. Below is a list of grant amounts, recipients and projects: $91,944 to the N.C. State University Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources for a "Loblolly Pine Biomass Genetics/Cropping Study, [...]

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Directia actuala a politicii energetice europene are la baza asigurarea securitatii energetice a statelor membre UE si urmareste facilitarea utilizarii surselor regenerabile in sectorul de productie si distributie a energiei precum si cresterea eficientei si utilizarii surselor regenerabile in toate sectoarele.

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